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Joseph Pilates invented the Reformer apparatus to facilitate correct movement.  Here at the Body Awareness Studio we continue the tradition of his teaching. Our instructors utilize all aspects of the Reformer, including the adjustable spring tension, straps, and bars to guide you through a workout designed to increase core strength and stability, flexibility, and range of motion. Classes are available for students of all levels. Your level is assessed during your private session to make sure you’re taking the classes that are best for you.

Customized 6-week Program! These 6 week programs are customized to fit specified needs of any group.

  • Do you and your friends play tennis and need to correct your swing to win more games?
  • Are you and your friends Dancers that need to open up your hip flexors for higher arabesque?
  • Are you and your friends Socialites who need to improve your posture for more elegance and grace?
  • Do you and your friends suffer with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, neck pain, or back pain and need exercises that will help you become pain free?

You and 3 of your friends can put a group together, come up with  some times that work for you, think of your theme,and begin fine tuning your skills in as little as 6 weeks.

6 -week program prices: varies depending on number of students.

Minimum of 2, maximum of 4

If you are interested, please call us to set up your group. 404-252-7550


Group Reformer Classes are designed to give you a complete workout using the Reformer apparatus. Our instructors will creatively include some props and Pilates Mat work into these classes to enhance your experience and keep you learning each week. Group classes are a fun way to deepen your Pilates practice, become more independent and enjoy the encouragement from classmates. Students must start with private Pilates sessions prior to joining Group Reformer classes. This is a requirement for all group classes. You will receive a check list to show you which areas need to be strengthened prior to joining your group class. After all are areas are approved, you will be ready for your next step.

  • Pilates 101: In this Group Reformer class, you will Learn to perform the basic Pilates Mat & Reformer exercises with ease and grace! This class is for new Pilates students as well as seasoned Pilates students who prefer a slower pace and love to fine tune the basics.
    Pilates 101 Checklist
  • Getting Started:  Please make sure you contact us for a private lesson prior to signing up for the group classes. Your private lesson will be used to evaluate your fitness level, teach you how to set up and use the apparatus and discover your personal modifications. Your instructor will get you ready and direct you to your best options for Group Reformer classes. You can also download the Pilates 101 Checklist for more information.

“My experience with Body Awareness Studio is very positive. My Group Reformer class is a highlight in my busy week and is the one personal gift I give myself. I deeply appreciate how concerned the professionals at the studio are and have been in adapting classes to my hectic schedule.” -Marilynn W.

“I have been involved in strength training and aerobic fitness for two decades. I was looking for something to compliment and complete my fitness regimen. Pilates classes at the Body Awareness Studio has empowered me to find my inner strength. As a result, I have balance which is key for optimal health and well being.” -Laren J.