Group FitnessMat Pilates

Mat Pilates is an essential component of the Pilates method. It includes some of the original Pilates workouts. These exercises are performed on the floor, sometimes using props, designed to introduce you to the principles of Pilates step-by-step, allowing students to progress safely and effectively. Mat Pilates builds core strength, correct postural imbalances, increase body awareness and enhance your knowledge of Pilates. We offer these as private and semi-private sessions.

Joe Pilates believed in the “Mind over Matter” philosophy. Using the Pilates Method to self correct from old bad breathing and postural habits takes focus and guidance from outside your self. The Pilates Mat exercises are very challenging and a very small population can enter a Mat class and perform the exercises correctly. It is Very important to have supervision while learning the basics.   Many people who take Mat Pilates at the local clubs and gyms, come to Body Awareness to fine tune their personal practice and deepen their ability to self correct during larger faster paced classes and for personal practice at home.