When Do You Show Up in Your Life?

Pilates Has A lot of Heart (Part 1)

 “When Do You Show Up in Your Life?”     

As the season is beginning to change, I feel gratitude in the air. It just so happens, this is the time of year I started my Pilates career. I’m reflecting on how many people have SHOWED UP and enhanced my journey from then to now.                    

For those of you who’ve known me awhile, you know I named my studio Body Awareness because I recognize and respect the connection between our minds, bodies and spirit. Lately I’ve been reflecting on a phrase that keeps popping in, “Pilates has a lot of heart.” Though you can certainly take that literally – in the physical body sense – I’m newly aware of how many figurative “heart” connections I’ve made over the years.

In 1992 I was a professional dancer, rehabilitating from a serious car accident, when I discovered an intriguing new way of connecting with my body and its healing…it’s called Pilates. Ken Endelman, the founder and CEO of Balanced Body, was one of the first people I met in the Pilates world; Back then, his company was called Current Concepts. Our introduction in 1993 was perfect timing because I was  about to launch Atlanta’s first Pilates studio on a dream and a dare.

Ken shared with me his own start in this industry: He had been a successful furniture builder who worked with several Pilates instructors to take Joseph Pilates’ own designs and create an easier, smoother, modernized Reformer. He didn’t know this world at the time he was commissioned for the task, but he went with a gut feeling and kept putting the next foot forward. Balanced Body was born from Ken “leaning into” his inner guidance.

As Ken was sharing this he threw out an invitation for me to come to New York and pick the Reformer I wanted by attending the Convention where he was presenting his newest models. When I told him the Convention was sold out, he said, “That wouldn’t stop me. That’s an invitation for you to just show up.”

I gulped hard again, showed up, got into the Convention, bought the Reformer, and launched Body Awareness Studio. But here’s some bigger magic: As I reflect today on Ken’s words, I realize he opened a door for me that, once I walked through, it left me forever changed. Ken invited me to SHOW UP.

And in years since, when I’ve faced my toughest challenges, or needed a push, or just wanted a change in direction, I remember the day my world paradigm shifted when Ken Endelman said, “That’s an invitation for you to just show up.”


It doesn’t matter if the Convention is sold out. Or they say it’s not right for you. Not the right timing. Not … whatever. What will you magically, miraculously, ridiculously create if you JUST SHOW UP in your life?

Where will the shift come for you? In your body? Your mind? Your career? Home? Family?

Just. Show. Up.

And let me know about the ridiculously, magical parts!

Peace, Love, Happiness, and Pilates!



In our next talk I’ll be sharing some of the values and inspiration behind Body Awareness, my journey, and some more great people like Ken. In the meantime, check out our website  to see schedules and photos, and come into the Studio for your next great Pilates session with me or one of our gifted teachers. Pilates has a lot of heart; do you feel it?




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