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Wellness is measured by your Aliveness. Your Aliveness is measured by how connected you feel to life and how well you are creating your life. How often do you feel really good about your body, your accomplishments, your relationships, your current state of being?

I’ve gathered wellness tools from 20 years of research and personal practice. My love affair with the learning more about life has sent me far and wide to learn more about the mysteries and complexities of relationships. I’ve learned a lot about how my relationship to my body can influence my relationship with all life and how I am creating suffering or freedom at any given moment. The secret is learning to “Listen” and becoming the witness to your truth. I’ve discovered that the HEART is where the truth is. I am dedicated to practicing Heart Intelligence and showing others how to activate their heart intelligence while experiencing more connection and freedom in their life. Our wellness services are designed to give you new ways to view your current life path and help you make easy changes that feel good and give you more of what you really want.

We’ll help you:

  1. Align your Body with Physical Strength and Flexibility
  2. Educate your Mind with new tools to update your old unhealthy Habits
  3. Open your Heart with Love and Appreciation for your Body and your Life
  4. Activate Spirit by aligning with your truth and taking actions that feel Right for YOU

We will explore questions like:

  • What have you created so far?
  • How is your body working for you now?
  • Do you feel tired or energized by life?
  • Do you feel free from aches and pains or are you suffering with stiffness, headaches and stress?

Your body holds the secrets to your deepest inner self.  Our wellness programs will teach you how to listen to your body’s wisdom and use that information to create more health and aliveness for yourself and in all your relationships.

Wellness Consultations are scheduled by appointment as a specialty private session. This Heart Intelligent approach to body awareness is a step by step method to your success. We will ask you to answer a few simple questions and show you how to apply this to your health and your relationships with others.

We’ll look at which life habits and patterns are no longer giving you the body of aliveness  you really want and you get to create some easy to follow action steps, ranging from food healing, exercise, meditation, breath work and journaling that will take you on a wellness path that feels good and you’ll love. When you love what you do, your body responds in kind.

Body Awareness Studio is 100% behind Atlanta’s effort to help people become connected and free in our communities. Leslie Clayton, owner of Body Awareness Studio has committed years to the ONE BILLION RISING movement, the biggest mass action to end violence against women in human history.  She has also sponsored the startup of Joyous Heart Network, a service oriented organization dedicated to the support of individuals and communities affected by ANY type of life trauma, allowing them to become thriving, healthy, joyful world citizens and cultures.  ONE BILLION RISING and Joyous Heart Network will provide healing and educational programs all year. IF you would like to receive regular updates from Joyous Heart Network, please visit our website HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe.
Thank you again for your participation and support in our efforts to make a difference.

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“The warmth, professional quality of instruction, concern for my overall health and well being is as good as it gets. I love being at the studio…..” -Margie G.


“I was in a terrible shape both physically but also emotionally after years of hormonal treatments and after trying many things to get out of that ‘unhappy, unsatisfied state’, Body Awareness Studio was my answer… thank you, thank you, thank you” -Alexandra M.


“For me, the practice of Pilates combined with energy work, offer wonderful relief. I have come to the studio feeling tired and tense; after my session, I leave totally renewed.” -Esther R.