WellnessBreath Work & Balancing Energy

Specialty private sessions: Fine tune your Pilates practice with expert precision. Discover where your weakest links are and reprogram your neuromuscular connections for strength and balance. Our experts have studied Pilates for over 20 years each along with many forms of integrative wellness. NOTE: These sessions may include: Pilates, mashing, resistance stretching, breath and energy exercise.*The Instructor for a Specialty Private session is Leslie Clayton.


The human body has a harmonic symphony playing inside and outside all the time. Unfortunately, our human bodies get out of sync often. When the body systems are out of sync with each other, it’s like a symphony playing out of tune. Any kind of stress or toxins can throw us off balance. Food toxins, loud noises, physical trauma, emotional or mental upset…you name it. We stop breathing fully. Less oxygen gets into the blood and brain. We might feel exhausted and/or overwhelmed. Our breath and energy sessions are designed to re-align the breathing and body systems so that the harmonic balance is back on track.

The Breath Empowerment sessions cleanse, energize and heal your body. The individual’s personal intention will be activated during the process and we will send that intentional energy deep into the body. Breathing Hyper-Oxygenates the blood and flushes out blockages within your nervous system. You’ll learn how to breathe with control and intention. The Breath Empowerment practice will allow you to release toxins and blocked energy pathways in your body, mind and emotions. This process opens your airways to help you feel rejuvenated! Connected Breathing leaves you vibrating and some say, “Blissed Out.” If you’ve never done breath work, you’re in for a whole new experience of cellular renewal and aliveness.

How does breath work improve your Pilates practice? Breath work will enhance your Pilates practice on every level. It will expand your lung capacity for more air in the body and open your capacity to stretch and lengthen the facia and space around your spine while giving an internal massage to your organs. Your spinal flexibility will also improve, helping you move and perform Pilates exercises with more ease and grace. Some of our weekend warrior athletes have discovered that after breath empowerment sessions, their cardiovascular endurance is significantly improved.

Breath Empowerment sessions and Balancing Energy sessions are Specialty Privates sessions and can be scheduled online using the appointments tab. Group events for each of these are also available for small groups of 3 to 10 people. Call the studio for more details about group events. 404-252-7550