The Beauty of Autumn

Are you relaxing into the beauty of this autumn season? Letting go of the stress from yesterday and creating new habits that build health for yourself and all of your relationships?

For health building ideas and inspiration, check out the new article in Conscious Life Journal.

To celebrate this season of letting go, we’re tuning into the truth of this year and acknowledging our individual growth, inspired actions and collaborative projects that have added fun, learning and new classes to the studio. There is always more to learn!

What feels even more important right now, is to acknowledge that with political and social unrest, natural disasters, serious rise in mental health illnesses, health care challenges, surgeries and loss of loved ones there are many of our friends and family who have had a very hard and emotional year. We’re truly “All in this together.”

With the full moon coming up, on December 2nd, the energy will be powerful and intense. This amplified energy enables you to take action. This is a perfect time for releasing something that no longer serves you; or letting go of something that you no longer need in your life; or an opportunity to let go of an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown.

As a gesture to care for and heal some of the suffering and celebrate all that is right in the world, we’ve decided to co-create a group clearing ceremony and art project. You are invited to play along with us at home or at the studio.

Here’s how it works:

Stop by the office and get 2 or 3 leaves (or 2-3 pieces of paper if you are at home).


  1. Get clear about anything that is stopping you from feeling your full life force energy or joy in your body and mind. Narrow it down to one word or phrase? When you feel ready to let it go…You get to give it over to Divine Love and your Higher Power. On the first leaf/paper, write down what you’re ready to let go of. Take it home and burn or bury it to transform the old energy. That’s one way to give it over to Spirit. Or, give it to Leslie at the studio, she will do a healing ceremony on the full moon and include your wishes on Sunday Dec. 2nd.


  1. Tune into the joy or good feelings you have in life and want to energize. What one word can you use to describe that uplifting good feeling or emotion? On the second leaf/paper, write the uplifting feeling that you are choosing to energize for your health in body and mind. Share it on our wall here at the studio or on your wall at home.


  1. On the third leaf,write one thing you’re grateful for today! We will also add this to our WALL ART!

***This has been really fun so far and we hope you continue playing with us during this last week!

Don’t let stress or fear hold you back! Let go and allow yourself to manifest into the best version of you. We’ve found some easy ways to let stress go and cultivate more energy, joy and ease into daily living!! Personal self-care is the fastest path to a healthy body, mind and soul. The choices you make today are the seed of change for your tomorrow.

Body Awareness Studio is now offering a personal growth and development program that increases oxygen to the brain, energy to the body and helps you create a new road map for your life. The intention is to give you more access to abundance, purpose, peace, joy and higher consciousness to all areas of your life. If you want that, come see our next Higher Brain Living demonstration on December 7th @ 7pm.

Watch these 3 videos before you come to our free demo (Location next door at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore)

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Interview with Dr. Michael Cotton


Call to RSVP your spot 404-252-7550

Wishing you and your family the happiest and healthiest Thanksgiving season.


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