One Tip That Will Take Your Teaching to the Next Level

I have been teaching teachers since 1998 and I discovered early on that, as important as choreography is, a new instructor’s ability to see beneath the surface is key to them making the leap from an Exercise Leader to a skilled Pilates Teacher.  

According to Nora St. John in Balanced Body’s Mat 1 manual, an Exercise Leader is someone that “can successfully get their students to perform an exercise…and the students can follow along without too much confusion.”A Pilates Teacher, however, is someone that “can take a student or a class and teach them not just how to perform the exercise but how to perform it better.  The Pilates teacher’s goal is to help his or her students achieve optimum function and performance in whatever they do.”

It truly is a strong knowledge of anatomy that allows you to move beyond just leading your clients through an exercise.  Being able to “see beneath the surface” will give you the advantage of understanding on a deeper level the goals of each exercise and really be able to see if your client is performing it with the best alignment and muscle recruitment.  Because you will be able to see where your client may be compensating (or what may be inhibiting them,) you will be able to give your clients cues that help them move beyond what is holding them back.  You will see the difference and they will feel the difference!

Sara Sammons-Ulmer has taken all the information we have gathered over the years here at Body Awareness and created a fun, clear & creative way to learn anatomy.  Her system strategically links the mental aspect of learning anatomy with the physical aspect of practicing Pilates.  She makes sure you learn through movement (not just sitting and memorizing!) and can truly apply the knowledge to enhance your client’s Pilates experience.  It is a must for any Pilates teacher that wants to take their teaching to the next level!

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Here is what one of our students had to say about the course:
“Sara has a true gift, it is teaching. Pilates has changed her life and that is apparent when she begins every class. I was fortunate to have Sara as my instructor for Mat 1, Mat 2 and her specialized format “Intro to Anatomy”! As far as “Intro to Anatomy” I had not had an anatomy class since college. I was a bit intimidated to take the class, as there is so much to learn. Sara has spent an enormous amount of time on this class. She has created a class that is challenging yet straight forward. She gave practical handouts that are useful for teaching and referring back to after you’ve left the studio. Her notebook is something that I refer to often. I would recommend the class to anyone that wants to go a little deeper in understanding not just the exercises of Pilates but how the planes of movement, the skeleton , joints and muscular system all work together to execute each Pilates exercise.”  – Belinda Bellows

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