A message from Leslie Clayton

“I’ve been teaching Pilates for over 21 years and before that, ballet and modern dance. I’ve always had a curiosity about the mind-body connection. My personal discovery and healing journey has taken me through many different forms of movement, body work and methods of self-expression; from the body’s bio mechanics and Metaphysical healing arts to Neuroscience and the body’s response to the attention we give to the quality of our daily movement and exercises.
Until recently, I found it difficult to articulate the value of becoming aware of those subtle sensations that move through the body all the time.
My quest for understanding how the awareness of these body sensations relate to Pilates and my teaching of Pilates, has kept me curious and engaged for years. I absolutely love the way Wendy’s 3Core Connections® Perspective has helped me link the puzzle pieces of my ongoing inquiry! Her message of bio-intelligence is rich with wisdom from the classical Pilates perspective while deeply integrating the science of the nervous system’s healing response on the body.”

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