Continuing Education

For Pilates instructors, one of the most rewarding experiences is seeing our clients succeed as they feel and move better.  We achieve this by continuing to develop our skills at each level of our practice. When we first learn to teach Pilates basics, we learn to be an exercise leader.  We then learn to be a more experienced Pilates professional as we help people fine-tune their personal Pilates practice with correct breath and organized movement quality.  We then discover and develop our specialties as our signature gifts.  For example you may excel teaching group classes, working with spinal injuries, scoliosis, helping athletes reach their peak performance, working with dancers, and choosing a specific field where you use your best talents and gifts as an instructor.  At Body Awareness, we strive to bring you opportunities to stretch your capacity and to discover your natural gifts and excellence as a Pilates professional.  The teachers we see excel the most are those that have come back and retaken basic level trainings, helping to reinforce and refine your skills including your knowledge of the exercises, your ability to see correct body alignments, hands on and verbal cues, and how to modify exercises to accommodate each client’s special needs.  We also strive to help our students develop personally as professional instructors through building confidence; vocal delivery, direction, and projection; increasing energy and stamina, and how to stand in your power, inner peace, and outer aliveness.  Join us at Body Awareness for continuing education opportunities including events, classes, and workshops.

Our experience is that students who review course material more than twice have a better retention rate and excel as Pilates instructors.  To provide you with the best possible retention of course material, we recommend Fusion Fitness Online, an excellent resource for Pilates professionals, to assist you in reviewing class material and pass course examinations.  We are excited that Fusion Fitness Online has provided these materials for Pilates teachers in training.  These materials will help you to review and synthesize content from your Balanced Body teacher training workshops.  Sign up and purchase Fusion Fitness Course Preparation Materials here.

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