Brain-BodySense Training

What’s moving in your mind and body today? Are you aware of the body sensations of relaxation even while you’re exercising or using dynamic action while creating in your home, office or at play. These are the kinds of questions I’m asking myself and my clients several times a day. The art of cultivating consciousness starts with practicing body awareness and what I’m now calling Brain-BodySense Training. Practicing this Brain-BodySense awareness with every movement of your Pilates practice, or any movement practice gives you access to more health and aliveness. This program is designed to give you a road map for self correcting when you’re feeling off center.
The introductory workshop will be held on the first Tuesday of every month from 7-9pm.
After you have taken the Introductory workshop, you can join the group that meets on the second Tuesday of every month 7-9pm.
What makes these practice sessions so unique?
As each person brings presence and attention to their body and shares what’s moving in the layers of awareness, I will offer suggestions and guidance for self stretches or assisted resistance stretches that will assist each person, or small group to move the body into the desired stretch or evoke a healing for that area of concern. Each session will be unique and will be created based on the group dynamics and individual participation.
These Brain-BodySense programs will enhance your ability to relax and stimulate the Vagus Nerve tone response for healing the body while exercising or simply being in relationship to life.
These Tuesday night resistance stretching sessions will be an excellent place to explore your range of motion physically and also energetically. You’ll develop brain and body sense awareness to self sooth through the parasympathetic nervous system and lower the harmful effects that stress and inflammation have on the health of the body. Learning to Relax while also building dynamic tension through resistance stretching is an exciting way to build new strength and flexibility on many levels.
I found this article about the Vagus Nerve and I can not help but pass it along to you:
These are mini workshops and are limited to 8 participants
 *$50 each
*10% profits will go to JHN scholarship funds for healing programs that help survivors and their families deal with the after effects of sexual or domestic abuse. “Caring for the needs of ONE can be the answer to the needs of Many.”
To Register:
Call  404-252-7550
Click HERE and go to the ‘Workshops’ Tab

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