1 on 1 TrainingResistance Stretching

Specialty private sessions: Fine tune your Pilates practice with expert precision. Discover where your weakest links are and reprogram your neuromuscular connections for strength and balance. Our experts have studied Pilates for over 20 years each along with many forms of integrative wellness. NOTE: These sessions may include: Pilates, mashing, resistance stretching, breath and energy exercise.*The Instructor for a Specialty Private session is Leslie Clayton.


A healthy muscle must be able to contract during the entire eccentric range of motion. If it cannot do that, it is not really strong. Resistance stretching trains you and your body how to safely lengthen and stretching the facial system inside you. Resistance Stretching offers immediate, cumulative, and permanent increases in flexibility while strengthening the body on all levels. We learned these basic techniques from Bob Cooley’s discoveries with the Genius of Flexibility and Meridian Flexibility.  These stretches are the best we’ve found in unwinding the fascia in the body from old injuries, poor movement patterns, toxins and old traumas that are trapped in the body tissue. This kind of stretching requires effort and focused participation from the client and the stretcher. You are raising your consciousness on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels while you’re being stretched. Resistance Stretching awakens the neuromuscular connections needed for more efficient kinesthetic awareness for any life activity that you may choose to participate in. We love it for awakening more awareness in the body to enhance our enjoyment while practicing Pilates.

Your body has many complex systems that interrelated  and when all systems are in sync with the others, the organization or homeostasis creates a harmony that we can see and feel when we watch seasoned athletes or animals move with power, ease and grace. We’ll invite you to learn how to see, sense, feel and communicate what’s out of sync in your body, mind, emotions or your connection to life force energy.  When you stretch the fascia in one area of your body, you will encourage health to flow to the concomitant areas in your body. We want to assist you in increasing your health on all these levels.  Instructors are taught to focus on the whole person. The goal is to utilize movement and conscious conversation to develop the mind, body and spirit simultaneously.

Resistance Stretching is offered as a Specialty Private session with Leslie Clayton and can be offered as a Group Workshop for those who would like to learn the Self Stretches. Call our office to make a request for these sessions. 404-252-7550