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Since 1993, Body Awareness Studio has been serving Atlanta students with the industry’s most established Pilates professionals.

The Private Pilates sessions at Body Awareness Studio offer a unique and highly effective fitness approach. The Balanced Body apparatus used in the Pilates method utilizes multiple springs, rather than weights, to create resistance. The movement is slow and rhythmic, with the conscious focus on using correct breathing and physical movement to develop the inner core muscles as well as the outer global muscles. Pilates exercises are known for helping people reconnect to their body after injury, fine tune their sports,  correct inefficient movement patterns, activate core muscles which is the best known remedy for healing Back Pain! Emphasis on eccentric muscle contractions creates long, flexible muscles. Controlled, thoughtful movement reduces the effects of stress on the body and the mind. The rewards of moving properly help reduce stress on the nervous system and all body systems. The benefits can felt in all aspects of daily living.

Benefits of practicing Pilates: 

  • Excellent posture
  • Retraining poor movement quality
  • Deep core strength
  • Better breathing
  • Increased energy
  • Clear mental focus
  • Appearance of longer leaner muscles
  • Uplifting your mood

We offer Private, Specialty private, Semi-Pilates Sessions and Group Reformer classes for all levels of experience.

Please check out our Class Schedule for availability under the “Classes” tab, or call the studio at (404) 252-7550. If you are new to Pilates, download the Pilates 101 Check List to learn more about the foundations for a group reformer class.

Private sessions are required for the first time Pilates student. Call Body Awareness to set up your first Pilates sessions. In a private session, you will work one-on-one with an experienced, qualified Pilates instructor. You will learn how to perform the basic exercises and how to modify them for your highest results. Your instructor will assess your individual needs and direct you to the best class for your fitness level.

Semi-private sessions are also available by appointment.  In these sessions you and up to three students will work with an experienced instructor to learn the fundamentals of Pilates or fine tune your Pilates practice at a pace that is best for you. You can gather your friends or join another client at the studio to share a Semi-Private session.

Specialty private sessions: Fine tune your Pilates practice with expert precision. Discover where your weakest links are and reprogram your neuromuscular connections for strength and balance. Our experts have studied Pilates for over 20 years each along with many forms of integrative wellness. NOTE: These sessions may include: Pilates, mashing, resistance stretching, breath and energy exercise. * The Instructor for a Specialty Private session is Leslie Clayton.


Private, Semi-Private, and Specialty Private sessions can be scheduled Online by making a request on the Appointments tab. Our office will confirm or redirect your request if that session time is no longer available. Group Reformer classes are listed on the Classes tab.   Please call us if you have any questions. 404-252-7550

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