1 on 1 TrainingMashing

Specialty private sessions: Fine tune your Pilates practice with expert precision. Discover where your weakest links are and reprogram your neuromuscular connections for strength and balance. Our experts have studied Pilates for over 20 years each along with many forms of integrative wellness. NOTE: These sessions may include: Pilates, mashing, resistance stretching, breath and energy exercise.*The Instructor for a Specialty Private session is Leslie Clayton.


The body holds tension, emotions, memories and trauma deep inside the connective tissue (fascia) and cellular system. Your body is talking to you all the time…Are you listening? Your current state of being and the physical manifestation of the health of your body are the most obvious places to start listening.

Imagine laying face down while someone walks on the back of your legs, and your back. Sometimes your quadriceps, chest or arms. You’ll feel the tension melting away…Mashing is a form of body work that unwinds and rehydrates the fascia system leaving you feeling more energized and loose while it helps with recovery after physical exertion from sports and fitness activities. It works especially well for those who exercise intensively. The facilitators are trained to help your body let go of old tension patterns so that you can rebuild new more efficient movement patterns.  Our clients experience pain relief, more flexibility and freedom after “Mashing” sessions.

Our facilitator, Leslie Clayton, is trained to assist you in noticing what your body is telling you NOW! When you learn how to listen to your body and make healthy changes in your breathing,  exercise, food choices, personal “self talk” and emotional expression, you will be in alignment with your body, mind, spirit. The health of your body systems depends on your ability to listen to your body and make choices that support your personal truth!

Mashing sessions are Specialty Private sessions and can be scheduled online or by calling the office. 404-252-7550